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Therapy Office
Individual Therapy

I offer a free initial telephone consultation of up to half an hour for us to decide if it could be helpful to work on your difficulties together.

I am experienced in working with people with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, bereavement and loss, coming to terms with physical illness or traumatic events, stress and conflict in the workplace, managing pregnancy and having a new baby.

Due to the pandemic I am currently carrying out therapy on line.


Our first few sessions will be an assessment to begin to understand the nature of the difficulties you are experiencing, why you are wanting help and the best way to proceed. Sometimes people are not sure exactly what is troubling them and what they want to work on and this can take a few sessions.


I draw on a variety of approaches including Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT). This type of therapy is well researched and is evidenced based. It focuses on the quality of your relationships and how you feel about yourself,  helping you begin to see repeated problematic patterns that get in the way of you living a more satisfying life. Together we can take a step back and understand your difficulties from other perspectives in order to open up new ways of dealing with things.

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